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תמונת אווירה

on us

A professional running store that was established by runners - for runners. We carry out a test and adjustment for each and every customer, in order to find the most suitable solution for you.

The store manager - Hamda Brown

Hamda Brown - veteran marathoner and a very well-known figure in the running world. She was for over 20 years one of the owners and importer of the Sacconi brand, and served as the manager of the flagship store in Ramat Gan

She has extensive experience in fitting running shoes and sports equipment and is considered a "guru" in the field, for many runners.

As a result, athletes from all over the country come directly to her, to hear her opinion, consult, and also get some of the motivation, willpower and warmth that characterize Hamda.


?Something you didn't know about Hamda

She usually gets up every morning at 03:30 while the birds are still sleeping, prepare food for the family, drink a cup of coffee and get ready for a run. At 05:00 you will probably meet her somewhere in Yarkon Park already after the morning warm-up, and at 07:30 she

Probably swimming or working out at the gym

?We already said seven days a week


חמדה בראון
אודות חמדה בראון
חמדה בראון
חמדה בראון
חמדה בראון

our values

קפה לכל לקוח

Coffee for every customer

For those who come to the physical store, we guarantee quality coffee from coffee beans - on us



We stand behind our products and will be happy to assist with any inquiry



Over 20 years of experience fitting running shoes to the customer

מענה מהיר ואישי

Personal and quick response to customers

Quick response in a way that is convenient for the customer and in a professional and courteous manner

:Activity time

Sunday - Thursday: 09:00-18:00

Fridays and holiday eves: 09:30-14:00

Saturdays and holidays: closed

contact phone number:


Arrival at the store is by appointment

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