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All COROS watches support 24/7 sleep monitoring. The steps below show how our algorithms work.

1. Set the sleep start time in the COROS app as close to when you actually fall asleep as possible.
COROS app > profile page > profile setting > sleep tracking > start time.
2. Wear the watch properly on your wrist so that the HR sensor can detect your heart rate to track your sleep status (sleep tracking will be affected if the watch is worn loosely or if your arm has frequent movements).
3. The clock will start checking up to an hour before the order you set. 
4. The watch will continue to track your sleep even if you take toilet breaks within the first 6 hours after the watch detects that you are sleeping.
5. The watch will stop tracking sleep after 6 hours in case you woke up for a short break even if you fall asleep later.
For example, your sleep start time is set at 11pm but you don't sleep until 1am. When you wake up at six in the morning and go back to sleep after 5 minutes, the watch will continue to track your sleep.
If you fall asleep at 1 am but wake up at 8 am, the watch will stop tracking your sleep even if you go back to sleep after 5 minutes.


Sleep data













1 (LIGHT):
- Click to turn on and off the lighting 


2 (roller/confirmation):

- Hold to turn on and restart the watch
-Rotate to change the selection up and down
-Rotate to swap the daily widgets
-Rotate to switch data sheets in training modes
-Press to confirm selection
-Click to open the main menu
-Press and hold to end a workout

- Rotate to zoom in and out in navigation mode

- Click to return to the previous screen.
- Click to manually record coffee or rest during training.
-Press to go to the next section in interval training mode
-Press to change the display of the various data on the main clock face
-Hold to open the Toolbox/Shortcut menu
-Hold to get additional features like stopwatch and timer
-Hold to turn on or restart the watch

Can't turn on the COROS watch?
Charge the watch for more than two hours even if the screen does not turn on.
Remove the charging cable from the watch (this step is very important).
Press and hold the power button for more than 15 seconds or until the COROS logo appears to restart the watch.
Please do not press both buttons on your COROS watch at the same time. Otherwise your watch will go into inactive mode and will not respond to normal operation or charging. Please turn off the watch if you intend to stop using it - Main panel > System > More settings > Turn off.

Can't unlock the COROS watch?
If a lock sign appears on the watch face when you ​​ operate the buttons, you must unlock the watch face first. This prevents any incorrect button operation that may affect your daily use and training. Depending on the auto lock mode, you can unlock the monitor by following steps.

Auto lock - hold to unlock
Press and hold the digital dial or the BACK/LAP button to unlock the display
Automatic lock - scroll to unlock
Scroll the digital dial in any direction until the locked remote changes.
This is how you adjust the automatic lock mode setting:

Home screen > System > More settings > Auto lock > Standby mode | Training Mode > Scroll to Unlock | Hold to unlock | turned off
After turning on auto-lock mode, the display will automatically lock if:
- The screen is inactive for 2 minutes in standby mode
- The screen is inactive for 10 seconds in training mode


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