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אחריות יבואן רשמי שנתיים
זמן סוללה שלא נגמר

with never-ending battery time

There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that you ran out of battery in the middle of the day just before going to practice.

With the Apex watch, charging will no longer bother you.

With a long battery time of 25 hours in GPS mode and 80 hours of battery in the UltraMax setting, this is the sports watch with the longest battery time in its class.

In normal use, the watch will even last about 30 days without the need for charging.

Built from the most durable materials

When it comes to a watch that will accompany you every moment of the day, and will continue to accompany you in every workout and in every terrain and weather, you should not compromise on the quality of the materials from which the watch is made.

The Apex body is made of titanium alloy and a stainless steel plate. The watch screen consists of a scratch-resistant sapphire glass type that characterizes watches with a high level of finish.

A high-quality and flexible silicone strap will ensure the best tightening at the user's hand and will provide maximum comfort so that you will not feel that the watch is on you at all.


Convenient and easy to operate

One of the main advantages of the watch is its ease of operation and simplicity. The "Apex" model watch has only two buttons that can be used to control all existing functions.

Using the scroll button, you can easily move between the various menus, as well as choose the desired action that you want to activate on the watch.

With the "Apex" you no longer need to remember what each button does. Just turn and press.


Controlling and planning the training load

In order to avoid as much as possible an injury as a result of overload, there is nothing more crucial than correct training. The watch will assist you in tracking your total effort. Divided into endurance level (0-100) and training effect (0-6). Did you focus too much on endurance training? The watch will let you know when it's time to relax. Based on the level of effort and training history, you can see what the recommended recovery time is before starting the next activity.


navigation route

Equipped with route and navigation features, APEX can be your best tool when you need guidance. The routes are uploaded and displayed online as a breadcrumb trail with real-time information on direction, altitude and alerts to help you get back on track.


improving running

Introducing COROS Smart Step Algorithm A unique algorithm that embodies learning basic features that record your personal range of motion while running. In this way the APEX will build your personal step range that will be used for indoor running or for running in areas with a weak GPS signal (like tunnels) .

Learn running habits
during normal GPS
Estimate running distance and route
When the GPS is weak or lost
ריצת שטח

Your complete guide

Based on a unique algorithm with lactic acid threshold, VO2 Max and HR, the Apex learns your running training every day. Using your personal historical data along with metrics from your recent activity, such as pace, distance and heart rate

The Apex will calculate an effective effort and recommend a time for full recovery.


Advanced training analysis

After you finish the workout the best part will begin. Our COROS app will give you a complete graphical analysis of your training - including: VO2 MAX, recovery advice, threshold pace, last training load in the last week, personal fitness index and more. In addition, you can connect to a third-party application such as STRAVA and TrainingPeaks, and automatically upload your training.

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